Big W launches an official Gossip Girl clothing line by Kai Aiyub

gg-bigw-1Not willing to settle with Pete Morrissey’s lingerie and fashion collection for Big W, the Australian retail chain (for those who are unaware, is very much like Target and K-Mart) are gearing up to launch an official Gossip Girl clothing line in Australia this Thursday November 19th. The collection was designed by Australian stylist and media personality Kai Aiyub who created a collection of “fashion-forward dresses, on-trend separates, killer shoes, OMG bags and accessories” the press release read. So much hyperbole in one line of text, no?

Admittedly we were bit skeptical when we got the email about the Gossip Girl the TV series Collections by Kai Aiyub for Big W, so we decided to give the collection a second chance. Especially since Aiyub is known for doing make over’s and styling work on a television morning show.

But then we read that he hopes that “teens to women in their late thirties can emulate the styles of these trust fund babies and Brooklyn maybes, but at a fraction of the price.”

There we go with the hyperbole again… but press release aside, what about the clothes?

“My inspiration for this collection, were the three muses of Gossip Girl, Blair, Serena and Jenny,” Aiyub said.

“Blair’s flair for the dramatic, Serena’s urban boho chic and Jenny’s preppy meets punk. Then I thought how would these three style icons actually style themselves if they were transported here for an Australian summer? The end result is Gossip Girl the TV Series Collections Kai Aiyub.”

While he loves all the girls, Aiyub does play favourites, admitting that he loves Serena a little more than Blair and Jenny.

“My favourite character of the show is definitely Serena. She is the Kate Moss of the Upper East Side. She has this ability to throw on anything and make it look fabulous! Id actually love to see Serena style Blair and Jenny and see how they would turn out.”

The Gossip Girl the TV series Collections by Kai Aiyub for Big W will range from $9.87 for a pair of  earrings to $49.83 for a dress. And if you squint your eyes you could see Serena in the floral bubble skirt or Jenny in the orange and white dress. No?

What do you think of the collection?

Personally I think it’s a little mass-produced, which is understandable since Big W have stores all over Australia and it has to appeal to all audiences. But it lacks the luxe-fashion-forward appeal and perfect styling that we’re use to seeing on Gossip Girl. Each piece is just missing that bit of je ne sais quoi for me.


More images available on the Big W website here


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