Bailey’s gets Patricia Field to tie Kim Cattrall up in a big red bow


Kim Cattrall and Patricia Field took time out of their busy Sex and the City 2 filming duties to team up to promote Bailey’s Red Bow bottle – by wrapping Cattrall up in one big red bow dress! Designed by the iconic stylist herself, the stunning red dress with an oversized bow was made to match the bottle of holiday bottle Bailey’s Irish Cream, which has its own red bow.

“My first inspirations were the red and the bow on the Bailey‘s bottle – and of course, Kim Cattrall,” Field said. “My goal was to put them all together. I chose an oversized bow because I was reacting to Kim as her character Samantha wearing a bow: If Samantha wore a bow it would have to be a bigger than life one!”

Larger than life it certain is, with the look paying homage to the master of all things red and bow adorned, Valentino. The people at Bailey’s chose the right woman to pull off the look, after all Cattrall’s character in Sex and the City is never shy when it comes to making a fashion statement (check out more images below).

“This dress is one of the most daring garments I’ve ever worn,” Cattrall said. “Red is already a bold colour and when you add to it a towering bow you have one of the biggest fashion statements you could make and believe me I’ve made quite a few! I trust my good friend Patricia Field’s style and instinct implicitly. When I saw the dress that Patricia had designed for me to launch the Baileys festive bottle, I just fell in love instantly.”

To top things off, you can buy the dress. The Baileys Red Bow Dress will be auctioned off in aid of the Clothes Off Our Back Foundation, an organisation that sells the hottest celebrity attire to benefit children’s charities.

“I love that this dress is going to be reused. I am ‘passing on the bow’ by donating this dress to the Clothes Off Our Back Foundation, which is a great way to spread the festive cheer,” Cattrall said. “I’m a firm believer that although fashion is fun, it doesn’t have to be meaningless. This red bow dress gets a second life by being auctioned to a lucky bidder who’s going to get this fabulous frock and a charity benefits from the donation.”

The winner will also win Kim Cattrall’s red pumps (from the Highest Heel Collection by Patricia Field) and Patricia Field’s sketch of the red bow dress.

Meanwhile I’m loving that the auction page fails to give out the true size of the dress (which I’m assuming any bidder would like to know, so they can wear it if they wish). I’m also curious as to more much the dress weighs and how much wiring has gone into keeping the bow standing…

Jump online to now to start the bidding – the auction closes on Monday 6th December.

More images of Kim Cattrall in the Bailey’s Red Bow Dress:


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