Yoga for Wii, the trailer: see Anja Rubik in action!

We told you last month that Anja Rubik was teaming up with JoWood productions to guide people through doing Yoga on their Wii Balance Board. Well a trailer for the soon-to-be-launched Yoga for Wii game has hit YouTube and we must admit that after watching the trailer,  the calming music has left us a little zen, or was it just Anja’s helpful little tips:

“Just remember to keep your design set balanced,” she says. “For example a back bend should be followed by a forward bend, or a rotation to the left side should be followed by a rotation to the right side.”

“I personally love exercise in the morning before breakfast because that is the time your mind is most calm and receptive to yoga exercise. But you are free to choose at which time of the day you personally feel most comfortable and fresh to perform yoga postures.”

We’re not sure about the idea of exercising, but as long as Anja’s there to give us useful tips more often than the animated guide, we may be keen to try the game.

Question is, will the Yoga for Wii game be on your Christmas lists this year?