Vera Wang still dreams of Olympic glory


Listening (well reading) Vera Wang waft lyrical about figure skating, you can tell it’s a sport she holds close to her heart. And recently revealed that she hasn’t let go of the figure skating dreams she had as a talented young figure skater.

“I still haven’t let go of my figure skating dreams just yet,” Vera Wang revealed to Chic Report. “But skating became a different sport with the magnification of television… But in the end, it’s one of the most beautiful spectator sports that you can watch. It’s not just about being insanely athletic; it’s all being expressive and artistic. There’s no other sport that combines spinning, jumping, choreography, costumes, music all in one- it’s a full on press.”

While a younger Vera Wang (pictured above right) would have dreamed of Olympic glory, the now 60 year-old designer will have to settle with being a spectator at the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics instead.

“I’m excited to go to Olympics in Vancouver,” she said. “I’m definitely going. I always try to go anytime the Olympics come close to our continent!”

[Via Chic Report]