Styl’D, a new MTV fashion reality TV show

styld-mtv-smallMTV are gearing up to launch a new fashion reality TV series called Styl’D and yes, it’s one for stylists. We’ll watch as five junior assistants toil for three high-end celebrity stylists at the Margaret Maldonado Agency and watch their lives outside of work. Looking at the preview, it’s like The Rachel Zoe Project crossed with Project Runway. Watch a teaser on YouTube now – the stylists are prepping Kim Kardashian for an event.

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  • darci says:

    Just started watching this show, and I think I’m already hooked. While it’s obviously heavily scripted, I find it quite entertaining, and I also think it’s a cool idea for a reality show – the celebrity style industry isn’t really something that gets covered a lot.

    Also, really like the music choices they make, especially in last night’s episode when they used the songs “Turn Me On” and “Fire Island” by TV/TV – those are two of my favorite dancey/party tunes of the year so I was amped to hear them on Styl’d.

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