Miuccia Prada making more men’s skirts – just for revenge

miucciaprada-smallDear Miuccia Parda, we would love to sit down and chat to you about everything fashion, life and whatever is left. But do you have to continue to perpetuate the men’s skirt trend?

The Italian fashion designer recently told Olivier Zahm’s Purple fashion magazine that she is pushing the men’s skirt trend “even further, just for revenge“.

“I’m working on [a men’s collection] right now and someone at the office worriedly asked me, ‘You’re not going to make short skirts again, are you?’,” Prada told Massimo Torrigiani in Purple. “So I’m now pushing it even further, just for revenge!”

“Menswear should take cues from womenswear, and not just the other way around. Menswear is so limited so I’m free with my ideas. Otherwise I’d die of boredom.”

What do you think of men in skirts?

Personally, kilts I can understand. Ditto Marc Jacobs in one because when you’re Marc Jacobs you can get away with (almost) anything. But I don’t want my man (if I had one) traipsing around town in one.


  • Kelly says:

    Yeah so she could do something else than waste her time designing skirts for men cause no man I know would wear a skirt, kilt or dress of any kind

  • Icy @ Individual Chic says:

    South pacific guy look rather delicious in their traditional sarong skirs and no one would accuse a 6’5″ rugby player of being a wuss.

    I don’t mind skirts on a guy at all; the real problem is with the shoes.

    One great look I’ve seen is an ankle lenght wrap skirt in dark suiting material with (mens) flat ankle boots. You just can’t wear them with socks and shoes.

  • mara says:

    I am a daily skirt wearer, and shoes are not the problem. You can find mens shoes looking not heavy or ugly.
    I do not have any problem with my skirts/kilts, everywhere I am going I m accepted. I have to wear supporthose, no problem with the skirts, impossible with pants.
    Mini-skirts only possible if you have nice legs, my mini-skirts are not shorter than 17 inches, but longest are 21 inches.
    If M. Prada want to make more mens skirts, she will have success – if she can make it VERY public, then we’ll have enough demand.

  • Martina says:

    As the author already said in the first statement, fashion rules always goes just one way, from male to female. Almost all what is in fashion is borrowed from males wardrobe. The female view of equality or emancipation? I don’t think so.

    If we want a real equality we should stop immediately the double standard which is just in our brain, and only in westernized societies, nowhere else.
    Men have the same right to adopt from women’s closets if they like. Some men looking stunning in skirts and dresses, short or long, lingerie, stockings and high heels. Very often it accentuates masculinity. So, what is wrong?

    Nothing, we are just changing some in our brain and sezxualizing the world, but in just one way, at the end there is only some left: The guy, which must be in movies the bad guy, dressed like fresh adopted out of the trash or looking uniformized in a suit with tie….. Dear reader, just go out of that stupid stereotyped picture we are sometimes believing in, and go back to that point where men and women have the same right… to do they want and dress they like. Accepting everybody is that goal we have to reach.

  • strikemaster says:

    We (men) should have a choice what to wear. Reasons are simple, skirts and kilts (which are just type of men’s skirt)are comfy and healthy! Guess, why the number of men falling into prostate and testicular diseases and male infertility increases? One of the reasons are trousers.
    Skirts was originally worn both by men and women (in Europe too!). Men’s skirts in Europe disapeared during a French Revolution as a symbol of wealth. There are no guillotines waiting for our heads now, we shall return to skirts.

  • phyllis7 says:

    Men must be confident with skirts and encouraged enough to go with it. Of course, as Kelly stated, almost nowbody would go in because they don’t have the support they are waiting for. I also know a lot of cowards, but I try to support men to go with this fashion trend. As Strikemaster said, a skirt does not just look good on men, it is also for their health and comfort.
    What else could make a garment more adorable?

  • Kelly says:

    Good luck with that because like I said no “man” I know would dress like that, doesn’t mean the transvestites are included in that statement

  • strikemaster says:

    Kelly, who is that transvestite, You did’t include?
    Do You think, man who want to live in comfort is a transvestite?
    Skirts are our historical (and pre-historical) type of clothes, I wrote that French Revolution has closed us to wearing only trousers and it’s wrong: unhealthy and injust. There is strong asymmetry between males and females. Women are allowed to wear whatever they want, we can wear only trousers. Why?
    Of course, we can wear some type of skirt, called kilt and I wear kilt in public in country without any Scottish minority/majority. So, am I a transvestite?
    Also what do You thing about a sarong? It’s men’s skirt too. And Utilikilt, skirts from Midas Clothing, gothic men’s skirts etc.?

  • strikemaster says:

    “Think”, not “thing” of course. 🙂
    In the topic, Prada said, she will prepare some skirts for men just for revenge. Against her co-workers or against men? Why I’m asking? Because if she will show another bizzare style of skirts these wouldn’t sell and it’s against men’s health and comfort. Skirts for men should be simple, made of lether, denim or cotton (as an Utilikilts workman’s kilt) and connected to traditional/ethnic skirts for men.

  • Bess says:

    Kelly, do you think really hat men who wearing skirts are transvestites? My gosh, this world must be very narrowed minded if we would believe that. In opposite, all women which are formal dressed, in pant-suits or with ties, men’s shirts i.e. must be then transvestites, too. Or you are going with double standards.

  • martinus says:

    It’s overdue that men can wear what they want. Miccia will do the right thing: Creating skirts for men.
    I can’t hear or read what always popps up in some comments – by the way if people would think just 5 minutes about why men should wear skirts and not just follow blind old sayings >those are NOT arguments< then the world would be open and not so intolerant against new fashion styles for men.

    I am talking about equality and not about double standards like many do, women allowed to do/wear all they want, men have to be restricted all the time.
    But Seriously: Is there anywhere in this world who can find one little single reason on earth why men should not wear skirts? I try to find this person since 8 years! It was unsucessful – so then why men do not wear skirts? I do it, everyday – with very positive responses.

  • strikemaster says:

    Martinus, there’s no such reason, so no one can find it. I wrote about asymemtry, double standards in oother words. In fact, the men’s skirts from the runways aren’t selling, maybe beacuse are to strange for ordinary man?
    Maybe utility kilts are better way to popularize skirted clothes for males?
    These are easier to catch on, see that:




  • David Zornetsky says:

    Those who do not believe that men should wear skirts are losers and do not believe in male / female equality! They have a disorder in their brain, and need help.
    By the way, skirts/kilts/dresses CAN look good on men, and to say that this is not so is a LIE!

  • strikemaster says:

    There are men’s skirts in the new H&M collection for spring/summer 2010, will anybody buy it?


    I think, presented skirt looks good and is easy to sell. Is made in neutral black, is simple, and have some connections to kilt (lenght, pleats).

  • martinus says:

    Thanks, Strikemaster;
    I believe that skirts looking better on men than pants. Not solong ago I wouldn’t have said that because I didn’t have any opinion about. But since I am wearing skirts daily, also at work, I learned a lot.
    At the beginning it was not easy to think about sitting or bending down in a skirt is different than in pants, but everybody will learn it pretty fast. Since my workplace voted if pants or skirt on men looking better (62% for skirts) I know that all what we thought about in past is wrong.

  • strikemaster says:

    I don’t care about the look, but it seems, women like guys in kilts or skirts. Skirts are incredible comfortable, even a kilt which some of You don’t like is better than trousers.
    About sitting, it depends of skirt style, lenght etc. e.g. in kilt You may sit almost the same as in trousers, in shorter skirts without the two front aprons it’s impossible and You must care.
    AFAIK some other companies are introducing skirts for men.

  • wizz235 says:

    Pixy boots for men in skirts looks good I dio that and good on both long and short skirts.
    For guys who are in need of a little help an old shirt tied around the waist and knot at front over a mini skirt looks great on guys.
    As for genda stuff fashion and fads time and place
    thorugh history men wore skirts, whats with todays
    slack one eyed people

  • Charles says:

    There are no sex differences outside of ANATOMICAL differences! Skirts/pants mere variations of leg covering. Men can’t be masculine in skirts? 9,600 skirted Romans under General Suetonius (History Channel) killed 80,000 Britons in one day. Polish American Bill Kazmaier in a kilt turned over full size sedan (engine & transmission not removed) on level surface by himself. Greek army unit in 2010 wears skirts so do Fijian cops, Bhutanese dancers, Tongans, Samoans, Tahitians, Maoris, Hawaiians, Indian Kathakali dancers, Dervishes in over a dozen Arabic nations etc all men in skirts. The conformist can’t tolerate anyone being different and resorts to artfully invented SLANDER like “cross dressing” to STOP men from changing. See extensively documented pdf file on discrimination against women in pants & men in skirts at http://www.dfwseekwoman.net

  • mara says:

    Indeed, there is no restriction that men have to wear pants and women skirts or even opposite.
    There is just a barrier in somebodies brain which never can think out of the box, innovative or creative. Just stubborn be connected with narrow minds – but that is not sex-related.

    Of course men can wear skirts, absolutely nothing wrong with it. And for sure, women can wear pants. Where is the problem, please?

  • strikemaster says:

    Men’s skirts day – 15th May. A good opportunity for men to try skirts.

  • martinus says:

    For sure, I’ll be in a skirt that day (smile), but I hope EVERYBODY who’s reading this blog will show up in skirts! Of course, female readers, too.

  • Will says:

    So where are the mens skirts I’d Prada just all talk and no action just like H&M they take about having mens skirts but don’t sell them in there regular stores.

  • strikemaster says:

    Yes, of course, fashion designers have their own goals, I’m sure popularisation of men’s skirts isn’t included. We must create and show the world our own demant. I’m not talking about any kind of fashion trend, but about the comfort, health and men’s rights. I’ve found a new website supporting skirts for men (for both sexes in fact, but women have the right to wear what they want and need unlike men).
    Of course, all men should have rights to choose comfortable clothes. I’ve found a new website, Uniskirt:

  • Mara says:

    Will, men’s skirts are everywhere. You have to choose from thousands of different styles what will best fit you. There are hopefully no more unformized styles for men like pants and suits or shorts.

  • David says:

    Most scientists have predicted that by 2030, ALL jobs will be automated due to robots. I can’t wait for that year to come, this way men won’t have to worry about not being able to wear whatever they want at work.

  • strikemaster says:

    David, Your “most sciencists” are wrong. Thereare many jobs that cant be automated in near future. My job, for example doesn’t need trousers to be done however i’m forced to wear them as a part of trouser tyranny. I think it’s time to stop the tyrants.

  • Lee says:

    Women demanded the right to vote…they got it!
    Women demanded the right to dress like men…they got it!
    Women demanded the right to the same education as men…they got it!
    Women demanded the right to the same jobs, even if they were less qualified (lower the standards required for being hired)…they got it!
    As women moved into all the areas in society once considered a man’s territory, they begin complaining that men are not carrying their weight at home, their not doing their share of the dirty dishes, laundry, vacuuming, changing diapers. All those things that was once considered women’s work. Women don’t have any problem with men doing the things once considered feminine as long as it’s something they don’t necessarily enjoy doing. No…No Problem at all.
    Women are now considered the “NEW MEN!”
    No man would now dare stand up and tell women they have to put the “genie” back in the bottle and give up all the rights they have fought for and won!
    I find it amazing how those that were the oppressed have so quickly become the oppressors!
    Women have taken everything that men used to make them feel special, everything that defined their role in society, and have made it their own. They not only want to be the women…they want to be the man too!
    Why is it that you women find it so hard to share the things you feel make you special?
    You women called the men who stood in the way or you gaining those rights you now take for granted…”Chauvinist Pigs”! What does that make you?
    Some of you say “No man I know would ever wear a skirt!” Well, thank God I don’t know you!
    Personally, if a man ain’t brave enough to put on a skirt or any other garment considered feminine…he don’t have any…if you get my drift!
    I think it’s time for men to burn their JOCK STRAPS and their y-front white cotton Jockey underwear and demand EQUALITY…the same EQUALITY that women now enjoy in our society.
    In fact, women don’t have equality in this country…they have SUPREMACY and they know it, and they don’t want to give it up…that’s what the real issue is.
    The men in this country are Pu$$y whipped! That’s all there is to it.

  • paul says:

    i wear skirts a lot more then i ever wear pants or shorts in fact the last time i wore either pants of shorts was well over 6 months now and then if i have work to do then i will wear a pair of shorts but as soon as it is finished i remove them.

    all my life i have wanted to wear skirts but was to scared to do so, i even thought about trying to do it by cross dressing but that is not what i wanted i just wanted to wear skirts as a man not as a woman.

    i think it is time men wore what they wanted to not what other people want them to wear.

    most of the time i am wearing a skirt men come and tell me they wish they could do it but there is no way they could get away with it, i always reply it is people like them that is the biggest problem to men getting accepted wearing skirts if all men who wanted to did so it would become normal.

    if you want to wear a skirt then do so just do not go out wearing a little girls frilly dress wear what a girl around your age would wear forget the wearing high heals and stockings just wear your normal shoes.

    people ask me why are you wearing a girls skirt i tell them it is a mans skirt as i am a man and it is my skirt.

    most people who ask about me wearing a skirt admit that it looks good and they have no problem with men wearing skirts men look better in skirts than a lot of women as we do not have big backsides and huge hips.

  • La jupe says:

    to kelly most gay men dont ever werre women dress they love men. men who arre affraid of wearing a skirt are may be not a 100% male. Real men who wear a skirt, like they wear a set of pant are not gay. But if your freind said they will never wear a skirt,it is may be because they have more then a litle féminité in there self. Go arround the world and you will see réal men in different type of skirt and dress.

  • Daringest says:

    It’s about time. M. Prada makes sense and it’s only fair and equal for men to have a viable option to wear skirts.

    It’s also a relief to see a female designer designing skirts for men because so many women are so intolerant of men’s fashion freedom. For so many women to claim they believe in gender equality but despise the very thought of skirts for men is clearly sexist hypocrisy.

  • WildWest says:

    There is not much here that I can add except my support.

    Admittedly I am afraid of public opinion concerning my wearing a skirt. I am slowly becoming more confident and insensitive to what others may think. I am trying and that is what I would encourage others who feel the same as I to do.
    I only wear pants in public and to work. I have way more skirts in my closet than pants because if I’m not in the public eye, I’m in a skirt. I tried kilts because I felt they were more easily explained but I found that sitting on the “whole nine yards” was not so comfortable. I prefer a soft lightweight fabric that is more like wearing nothing than a canvas work kilt or a traditional kilt. Also, for $5 I can pick up some great skirts at the thrift store! Why do I want to pay $500 to $1,000 for some designer’s skirt that makes me look like a fairy anyway??
    I have been increasingly more bold in being seen from a distance in my skirts, like outdoor activities and roadside while travelling. It’s impersonal that way but the exposure is still there. I hope that if even one man or woman can see a man in a skirt, that is a step in the normalization process. Fact is, the more we see something, the more normal it becomes.
    Maybe we need to do like the women, the gays and blacks and have rallies and parades LOL. Funny and sad at the same time, but it worked for them.

  • TheSkirtedHillbilly says:

    I have been wearing kilts for almost 15 years. The last few years I’ve been wearing long denim and macabe skirts also. It has caused me great grief, but I refuse to give in. Those women who do not support us need to have their rights taken away to show them what their moms, aunts, and grandmothers fraught for.

  • TheSkirtedHillbilly says:

    And one more thing, these “world renown fashion artist” need to have their damn head examined designing these ugly damn men’s wear, design men’s skirt so a man can still look like a man and not like he’s going to a costume party, get it public, and get it in stores for a reasonable price and it would make money instead of being ridiculed. Prada get a damn clue.

  • I Strain says:

    @TheSkirtHillbilly. Sadly, these days, most male fashion designers only know how to make beautiful women look like emaciated boys. That’s what floats their particular boat. They’ve either forgotten we exist or they don’t have the foggiest idea what works. Sadly, those that do cater for our sartorial tastes have yet to progress beyond the kilt. Even worse, we’re going, cap-in-hand, asking the ladies if it’s ok for to wear skirts again — it’s easy to see who really wears the trousers these days, eh? What a crazy world!?!?

  • I Strain says:

    Kelly’s comment just cracks me up. I wonder if she is still here? Listen dear. Back when your great granny was agitating for the vote along with the right to wear trousers, there were male idiots who referred to them as “transvestites” back then. Seems they’re back, and female! Who knew!?!

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