Man made trend: Jeggings


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Citizens of Humanity Stirrup Legging Jeans $172

Eleni Vardas explores the evolution of the Jeggings (aka Jeans + Leggings).

In the beginning, God created man. Man created cloth, from which he fashioned draped skirts and eventually pants. A few decades ago pants evolved into jeans and became so popular that fashion designers worldwide began to experiment with their denim counterparts and created something slicker and sexier; the leggings.

It didn’t take long for opaque black leggings to take over the world and dominated the wardrobes of the younger fashion set. But in the quest for the next hottest look, leggings soon became tighter and shinier. Pretty soon, first, second and third world fashionistas of all shapes and sizes were donning the crème de la crème of leggings, the most popular being the Sass & Bide’s Black Rats PVC leggings which were seen on the likes of Kate Moss and Nicky Hilton before eventually morphing into zebra and beast prints.

However, with the pressures of sweeping fashion trends and the restless nature of hoards of fashion martyrs who seemed to want something more, designers began searching for the next big step in the ever-evolving world of ‘the pant’. And eureka, it was then that someone profoundly random claimed “why don’t we mix jeans and leggings together?”

And thus, the term Jeggings was coined. Sure, a better name to call this eccentric trend could have been ‘denim leggings’, but in the name of hybrid fashion jargon, the trend-setters took on jeggings. Whilst some are sceptical, the trend has caught on like clockwork with many revelling in the ingenious idea behind the jeggings; leggings that look like skinny jeans minus the negative repercussions on the circulation system.

Head denim designer for Hudson Jeans, Ben Taverniti says, that “the jegging is a fashion essential this season because it provides the comfort of the legging and chic design of the jean. The jegging gives your look an edge, no matter how you style them.”

But since you’re the one who may wear them, what do you think?

And how on earth does one wear these tight jean looking leggings? It ultimately depends on how comfortable you are with you body. Apart from their miraculous ability to hold all the excess flab in, only supermodels can get away with wearing jeggings with a cropped top. Sure, the jeggings will emphasise your legs to make them look lengthy and lovely, but for a more classic look, pair your jeggings with some chic flats or killer ankle boots, a casual tee and a blazer.

That, in a nutshell, is pure perfection. A direct quote from God himself.

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Eleni Vardas is a guest blogger because of her crazy obsession for fashion! When she’s not hunting down the next hottest trend she can be found blogging at Bambi and Paris.


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