Ksubi to design a cheaper denim line for David Jones, potentially one for Topshop too


Australian denim brand Ksubi has been a bit quiet of late, possibly due to talk about debts and cash flow problems late last year. But Ksubi are coming back with a vengeance, announcing today that they have partnered up with Australian department store David Jones (who calls Miranda Kerr a spokesperson) for a lower price point-115 style collection.

The Ksubi for David Jones range, available at their shop-in-shop concept stores will see pieces start at just AUD$69 to AUD$350 (approx USD$64 to $324) for their premium jeans.

“When we decided to partner with DJs, it was about being smarter with the range and broadening the product categories to be able to present the full brand properly within their stores,” Ksubi’s global brand manager Paul Wilson said. “That was a real learning curve for us.”

Known for their more left of centre style (who could forget the rats they let loose on the runway one Australian Fashion Week), Ksubi had been on David Jones’ radar for years before the collaboration came into fruition.

“I’ve wanted this brand in the business for eight years now but, seriously, this deal has been in the making for a good 12 months,” says David Bush, David Jones’s general manager of womenswear.

“It’s great for Ksubi because it gives them access to a much wider customer base and it’s great for us because we get one of the hottest brands in the world. They’ve been really clever about it because they’ve made it more affordable but it’s still got a hard edge, it’s very sexy and very Ksubi.”

Meanwhile the Ksubi’s co-founder Dan Single revealed that the brand’s collaboration with Topman (sibling brand to Topshop) a few months ago was one of the highest selling brand in the first week with some styles selling out on the first day – no doubt with some girls scouring the shop floor to find the smallest menswear sizes for themselves.

Their success with Topman may see Ksubi joining the likes of Alice McCall as another Australian fashion brand teaming up with Topshop to design a womenswear line.

“They are now talking to us about doing Topshop girls as well, and that would get rolled out in the rest of the stores,” Singlesays.

All this brand exposure at home at overseas should hopefully see the brand formally known as Tsubi rise to the next level with their eyewear range with DJ TIGA and footwear collections set to debut in 2010, which is when we expect the Ksubi for David Jones collection to be launched – though no official date has been announced, one could hope that it lands before the busy holiday shopping season kicks off.

Stay tuned for images and information as news unfolds!