It’s Mrs Heidi Samuel (nee Klum) to you


Heidi Klum has checked herself into hospital in preparation for the birth of baby number three. But this baby will have something her other children won’t have – the mother’s name on the birth certificate will be Heidi Samuel. Why? Because the Project Runway host is has reportedly filed papers to have her surname changed to her husband’s surname, Samuel. There is no official word about whether she will still use Klum as her working name, but it looks like the supermodel mother will be signing her checks Mrs Seal Henry Olusegun Olumide Adeola Samuel.

My what a mouthful.

Meanwhile according to the All The Rage, has already been taken by a 2007 Republican candidate for Columbus, Ohio, City Council. If Heidi uses Samuel as her working name (which may also affect her company name and branding – Heidi Klum GmbH), will the political Heidi Samuel be hearing from the German supermodel’s people?

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  • Megan says:

    Interesting! That’s a big deal in Germany where you’re not legally allowed to leave out middle names. Credit cards, driver’s licenses, signatures for receipts, contracts, etc., she’s got to use ALL the names for it to be legal. If she ever decides to go back to the ‘motherland’ this might give her carpal tunnel at some point. 😉 That and the taxes may be a reason to stay abroad forever.

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