Gareth Pugh: shows in Paris, considering a fast fashion line and designs for AnOther magazine


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If prizes were to be given out for the designer who’s generating a bit of buzz in all corners at the moment, it would be Gareth Pugh. While we’ve never hidden our love for the extraordinary talents of this British designer, we were even more impressed by how many balls he has up in the air at the moment.

The first and most foremost was his Paris Fashion Week Spring 2010 collection, where he took his usually-gothic designs and gave them a subdued grey twist. But before you think his designs were slowly turning into wearable every day pieces, don’t be fooled. Gareth Pugh’s spring 2010 collection had all the fine tailoring one expects from those who show in Paris, but it was his twists and turns with silk chiffon and knits and slashing that really give the show it’s edge. It’s worth while scouring the web for high quality images and looking at each outfit in detail.

Meanwhile as a stark contrast to a Paris Fashion Week show, Pugh may (eventually) launch a fast fashion collection – he reportedly considers every fast fashion collaboration pitch that comes across his desk. But he’s only looking for the right project, so pitch your ideas to his correctly H&M/Topshop/Target and hurry up. I’m dying to see what Pugh could design for the mass market for pure artistic fashion entertainment value.

Last but not least, Pugh has designed limited edition laptop and iPhone cases for AnOther magazine’s new online shop. Featuring black and white artwork which were “inspired by a struggle between light and dark” the cases are available for pre-order at