Flashback: Jean-Paul Gaultier as the host of Eurotrash (1998)

Eurotrash season 6 episode 1, part 1 – NSFW

Did you know that about a decade ago Jean-Paul Gaultier hosted a camp late night TV show in the UK called Eurotrash? The fashion designer who is set to design a collection for Target showed off his quirky and fun-loving side for seven seasons as the host of the long-running show on Britain’s Channel 4.

Eurotrash was a little like a variety-current affairs show which looked at the weird and wonderful topics from around the world. You need to watch the clip above just to see Gaultier popping along to the music and introducing the evenings topics dressed in a black and white striped top and a kilt. While his thick French accent is a little hard to understand, we thought Gaultier was adorable when interviewing former French porn star Tabatha Cash.

Now if only we could track down the first few seasons of the show…

Watch the rest of episode 1 below: