Be fashionably in Vogue: dress up as Grace Coddington, Anna Wintour or Andre Leon Talley this Halloween


Some things I will never understand, like the appeal of Jeggings and how Kate Gosselin is seemingly the person to dress up as this Halloween because A) I barely understand why she is famous, besides the fact she’s some reality TV mother with 8 children and is going through a tough divorce… and B) an Octo-mum? Really?

So to put other ideas in your pretty little heads, I’m just going throw my idea out for a fashionable Halloween costume for 2009 there…

After their rise to cult status,
go as one of the Vogue team from The September Issue!

Depending on which ‘character’ you liked best, you can dress up as the Queen bee herself, Anna Wintour or her ‘sidekick’ Grace Coddington. If you’re going as a fashion duo, convince a man friend to go as Andre Leon Talley. Of course if you could make it a threesome then you’ve hit the jackpot.

Here’s what you would need:


[Images from the September Issue trailer]

If you’re dressing up as Anna Wintour:

  • A sandy blonde/brunette bob complete with fringe
  • Black sunglasses
  • A chic dress in a cool but not too pretty-a-floral print or a print that resembles that checked Prada number she wore last season
  • Big fur coat
  • High heels, preferably designer

If you’re dressing up as Andre Leon Talley:

  • Take a leaf out of his September Issue tennis get up and get yourself a monogram Louis Vuitton towel or scarf and beanie. Tote around a monogram tennis case and case for your water.
  • Otherwise, try a full length kaftan (or mantan) in a bold print or a big fur coat
  • Black sunglasses
  • Gold jewelry and a booming voice would also be preferred

If you’re dressing up as Grace Coddington:

  • A long red unruly wig
  • Black flat shoes, built for comfort and not style
  • A loose black suit or loose long cardigan with loose trousers
  • A fluffy cat or two, preferably a toy one if you’re going to a party

If the powers that be at Vogue don’t tickle your fancy, you could always dress up as a fashion designer, but that’s soooo 2007. Once Roberto Cavalli dressed up as Karl Lagerfeld that was basically the end of that, and while one could dress up as Donatella Versace, how do you get plump lips like her for an evening without the help of collagen?

What are your plans for your Halloween 2009 costume?

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