Naomi Campbell quit PETA because they ‘went too far’


All the buzz last week was about Naomi Campbell‘s hypocritical opinions when it came to fur after the latest images of the British model modeling for Dennis Basso hit the web. But what the New York Daily News and the Huffington Post failed to report, was the small fact that Campbell quit (or was dropped depending on who you talk to) the campaign years ago because she didn’t like their crude tactics, not because she changed her beliefs this year.

In 2007 she spoke out to set the record straight about why she started modeling fur again, years after appearing in PETA’s ‘I’d rather go naked than wear fur’ campaign:

“When PETA started targeting Anna Wintour and Karl Lagerfield and putting dead animals on their plate, I felt that they went too far and I thought, I didn’t want to be a part of this campaign anymore. (But) I do like wearing fur and I still do.”

Though as PETA said in 2004 when Campbell started modeling fur on the runway again:

“She may have a temper, but she doesn’t have to take it out on animals. What good is a pretty face if you’ve got no heart?”

While we’re not condoning Naomi Campbell and others wearing fur, you can hardly blame the girl for having a change of heart when she found out how PETA treated people she is most likely friends with in the industry she works in. It seems this is a ‘news story’ every time Campbell is spotted in fur. But I guess PETA won’t say no to buzz stories and Campbell is always a good gossip subject for the press.

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