Miranda Kerr launches a skin care line in Australia and called it Kora

kora-mkerr-smallVictoria’s Secret Angel, Miranda Kerr is branching out from modeling fashion and beauty looks and is gearing up to launch her own 100% organic skin care line called Kora (a type of pilgrimage and a type of meditation in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition). The Kora line of products will be available exclusively at Australian department store David Jones (Kerr is their Brand Ambassador) from mid – late October 2009. Kerr reportedly was very involved in the creation of the formula, name and packaging. [Primped]

a type of pilgrimage and a type of meditation in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition

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  • alison says:

    I have acne-prone skin so someone recommended I try Kora because it was Ecocert certified 100% organic, so I tried the Exfoliating Cream and Purifying Day and Night Cream. I’m sorry to say that the condition of my skin actually worsened after using them…in addition of not helping to control the acne, my skin became really dry, itchy and blotchy. I wrote on the Kora blog asking about it and was told it could be my “hormones” acting up and perhaps I should change to another Kora product. That in itself tells me that the people who sells these products don’t actually care for the clients at all, just how much they can make off guillible people.
    I have since wrote back and stated that I would like to return the products and get a refund, and have been totally ignored.

    Well, I wrote to Ecocert asking them about Kora Organics’ claims to be Ecocert certified organic and have been informed that of all the range, only the Balancing Rose Mist and Energising Citrus Mist are actually certified organic by them…NOT ANY OF THE OTHERS. I think it is very shameful of Ms Kerr to fraudulently claim her products as Ecocert certified organic when they’re not. I’m now back to using doctor-prescribed skincare products.

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