Escada launches a new perfume, Desire Me with Olivia Wilde


The company may need some financial help, but that hasn’t stopped Escada from launching a new fragrance entitled Desire Me.

The advertising campaign for Escada’s Desire Me is fronted by actress Olivia Wilde also known as Dr Remy Hadley in the television series House and shows another side of her persona as poses seductively on a couch for the perfume’s print campaign. But it is the commercial that will have jaws dropping.

“I am honoured to have been invited to become an ambassador for Escada and the face of their new fragrance,” Wilde said in a release about the exotically fruity fragrance. “For me, Escada represents style, refinement and sensuality. I like to think of myself as being an Escada woman, and I think that the majority of women aspire to these admirable qualities that this perfumes so perfectly represents.”

Directed by Brett Foraker and produced by Greg Williams, the Desire Me clip features a sultry clip on rewind as we watch the glass shattering reaction to Wilde’s beauty. Watch it below.


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