Cruelty Doesn’t Fly: PETA’s latest Pamela Anderson ad is too racy for US airports


Pamela Anderson too racy? Once upon a time maybe, before millions of people have been privy to too much skin thanks to her People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) ads and Playboy appearances. Well she’s now been deemed too racy again by US airports according to PETA.

AFP reports that:

Senior officials from PETA said the CNN Airport Network had barred the advertisement because of concerns it could be seen by children. PETA said that CNN Airport Network had said in a letter it was “particularly sensitive because children make up part of the demographic in airports.”

“We’re now looking to place the spot among in-flight entertainment and hope that more adventurous carriers such as Virgin take us up on it,” PETA Senior Vice President Dan Mathews said in a statement.

Entitled Cruelty Doesn’t Fly, the ad features Anderson dressed in knickers and a tight airport security guard shirt relieving passengers of their leather, fur and animal skins. She’s rough and acts like a character out of one of those R rated videos you hide from your mother.

The ads were suppose to air in US aiports in time time to catch the start of New York Fashion Week, which officially started yesterday September 10, 2009, to reach a higher percentage of the traveling fashion pack.

Watch it below – warning, it may be NSFW.


  • Agent of Art says:

    It’s all about her 🙂

  • No Fake Fur says:

    No leather, no wool, no fur, no animal skins… the fake fur coat in this “commercial” shouldn’t be allowed on Pam-Air any more than real fur coats would be allowed on Pam-Air! This ad is rated P for pathetic, Pamela Anderson and People Eating Tasty Animals!

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