Anna Wintour puts a PETA target on her back for tonights Fashion’s Night Out

annawintour-smallPETA and Anna Wintour have a long history and Vogue‘s Editor in Chief may have just give PETA another reason to stalk her during Fashion’s Night Out tonight after telling the Times that she will be shopping for “some kind of savage fur (that’s American Vogue shorthand, so you know, for a rough, shaggy stole or collar of some kind).” Meanwhile the other international Vogue editors interviewed just talked about why they love shopping. []


  • Kelly says:

    PETA needs to back off

  • Agent of Art says:

    I guess she is looking for more publicity for her blog

  • Jena says:

    Anna Wintour is such a fur hag. She promotes an industry that confines animals into crappy cages their entire miserable lives before crushing them to death, anally electrocuting them, or skinning them alive, all for the sake of greed and vanity. I love fashion- but fashion is supposed to be fun, and animal abuse just isn’t! Ew… and look at her, she’s such a dull old thing.

  • crain says:

    Anna Wintour is the most cold-hearted being on this earth. How can you watch innocent animals being brutally skinned alive for vanity and still promote such a heinous industry?!

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