Anja Rubik for Wii Yoga: today’s supermodels have Wii fitness games


Once upon a time Elle Macpherson, Claudia Schiffer and Cindy Crawford promoted health and fitness through aerobic videos in the 1990s. Today, the supermodels tend to choose a form of yoga for their fitness (and inner wellbeing) regime with one supermodel being the first models (if not the first) to teach interactive yoga through a game console.

Polish supermodel, Anja Rubik has teamed up with JoWoord Productions, DreamCatcher and an animated guide to take those of us who don’t want to be practicing yoga in a communal room through various yoga positions while balancing on the Wii Balance Board in Yog for Wii.

Like all Wii games, you tell it what you want to do or any ailments you may have and the game will help you strength muscles or explore the healing aspects of yoga. Handy!

“We’ve done extensive research about yoga and the way it can affect different pains and incorporated that into Yoga for Wii,” says Markus Reutner, Marketing manager JoWood Productions.

Watch a trailer for the Yoga for Wii game here

Now to blow the dust off my Wii console to prepare for the launch of Yoga for Wii this November.