Tyra Banks microwaves, Sessilee Lopez cooks

tyrabanks-smallI hope Tyra Banks doesn’t pass on her “nutritious” diet on to her America’s Next Top Model contestants… the model host seems to love a frozen dinners or 20 –  she picked them up along with a dozen energy bars while in Brooklyn Heights the other day – paid for with her boyfriend’s Black AmEx. Meanwhile Sessilee Lopez loves to cook her food on a stove, from pepper steak to Dominican-style rice and beans. [Page Six & Modelina]


  • Kelly says:

    Tyra Tyra Tyra well no wonder she’s gained so much weight

  • louisa motsepe says:

    Tyara is a real natural woman with no limitation when it comes to food.You go Girl!

  • Love Tyra says:

    “Kelly” get a life. There are LOTS of healthy frozen dinners. Namely, the “Eating Right” brand that I too buy tons of. How much do YOU weigh??
    Go Tyra girl.

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