Two more images from Balenciaga Fall/Winter 2009-10 starring Jennifer Connelly


There something about Balenciaga and chairs this Fall/Winter 2009-10 season…

In two more images from the latest advertising campaign photographed by Steven Miesel, Jennifer Connelly is posing in and on some velvet covered chairs and lounges – again. In the first shot (above) she’s perched semi-comfortably in an arm chair surrounded by a rather unattractive lime green cloth – which of course matches perfectly with the shade of green in the sky scraper heels she’s sporting. While it the second (below) it looks like the couch has been laid on its back as Connelly writhes around on the floor – with yet another chair knock over.

Does anyone else find the latest Balenciaga ad campaign a little on the dull site? The shirt dress looks fit for a Diane von Furstenberg collection, not Balenciaga… and I have the feeling we’re suppose to be buying up their shoes this season, since they’re all so perfectly shown off in every shot so far.


P.S. I still hate the eye makeup.

[Image via TFS]


  • Kelly says:

    Not liking Jennifer at all

  • Katrina says:

    I adore the first shot…much more striking than the first image shown.

  • Hoberst says:

    How d heck can some1 not like Connelly!!!

    A few years ago she was THE MOST BEAUTIFUL N SEXIEST WOMAN ON THIS PLANET!! No bloody woman (celeb or otherwise) was as pretty!
    Im sure many guys agree with this!!!!

    Anyways not a great photoset.
    Blame the others involved not Connelly.

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