The Victoria Beckham ‘Swings’ Fall 2009 ad

It was reported that the Victoria Beckham Fall 2009 dress collection ad would be released today at 3pm UK time on Dazed Digital but anyone with an internet connection can catch the video a full 9 hours before hand because Bergdorf Goodman’s release has been leaked on to the web – early (it may be 3pm Australian Eastern Standard time, but it’s only 6am London Time now).

Shot in one take, the television commercial is entitled Swings, it features eight models dressed in Beckham’s Fall 2009 dress collection swinging from west London townhouses. Co-directed by Mat Jerrett and Beckham herself, she made a small cameo with her profile visible in the last few seconds of the 1:15 long clip wearing the same outfit she was pap’d in when the mini movie was filmed late July.

Unlike her Spring 2009 ad, you can actually make out the faces of the models as they swing in unison. What do you think of the ad?


  • Kelly says:

    Beautiful and so simple but elegant

  • Jackie says:

    OMG! It’s brilliant. Very classy and way better than all the other ads by the big fashion houses. It’s different than her first collection ad and I think it’s even better – which is saying something as the first one was amazing

  • Agent of Art says:

    Very cool promo!

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