The Rachel Zoe Workout – Pump up the Stam!


V magazine teamed up with Rachel Zoe to promote season two of her reality television series The Rachel Zoe Project to create a fitness workout complete with sexy eighties inspired clothes, aptly named The Rachel Zoe Workout in their #61 issue.

The Pump Up The Stam editorial has Jessica Stam and Leandro Maeder showing off Zoe’s key work out moves, which includes piling on the black leather while walking on an excerisie machine so you will “sweat like a mutha”.

See the full editorial below.

  1. Let’s Get Physical
    Find someone to work out with! I think it’s a great way to stay motivated and make friends fast.
  2. Push it
    Low-weight, high-rep workouts will help you get toned arms just like Jessica’s.
  3. Dancercise
    Do a little dance with yourself to get your body moving and the bloody flowing.
  4. Walk this way
    Make like Jessica and pile on the black leather. It’ll make you sweat like a mutha and burn off all those extra calories.
  5. Keep me hangin’ on
    After all your hard work, take a break and hang on to something. This will help stretch you out and keep you lose.

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[Image from TFS]


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