Talking to Karen Walker about her New York Fashion Week SS10 show and London Fashion Week


One of our favourite New Zealand designers, Karen Walker, gave us a little teaser about her upcoming New York Fashion Week Spring 2009/10 collection entitled The Village and if she would ever show in London Fashion Week again.

What was the inspiration for your upcoming spring summer 2010 collection that will show at NYFW?
We had been re-watching ‘The Prisoner’ (a British television series set in a mysterious seaside village, airing from 1967 – 1968) and have always loved the it look it had – a 60’s Edwardian seaside. I also loved its idea – a Seaside holiday resort that is actually a prison for retired spies.

What goes into getting a collection over to New York, do you ship it over or take it with your as part of your luggage so nothing could go missing or ship it all over?
I take three suitcases of the range with me, all the other things like shoes and accessories get shipped a few weeks before. All the piece arrive complete – thank goodness for porters in American airports!

What has the reception been from the buyers, press and general public since you switched from showing in London Fashion Week to New York Fashion Week?
The first season we showed in NYC we were on the front page of the New York Times and, that unlocked a few doors for us. Progressively since then the company’s been growing, even in these times of economic recession.

Did you consider going back to London Fashion Week since it’s holding its 25th anniversary shows this year?
No. But maybe we’ll show there for their centenary.

Looking forward to seeing images from Karen Walker’s Spring 2010 collection now, I’m day dreaming of a cute seaside shack with ladies lounging around in cuffed shorts and chic tops – all 1960s inspired of course.