Rachel Zoe gushes about the Brian Atwood Lola Pump in the first ‘Zoe Report’ newsletter


I honestly don’t understand Rachel Zoe’s appeal, sure she styled some skinny celebrities socialites back when IT bags were devoured like Magnolia bakery’s cupcakes and got a television series out of it, but what is the fuss about her new email newsletter, The Zoe Report.

So I had to sign up like the rest of the sheep and it’s just another The Daily Candy/I Heart Daily/GOOP from the mouth of Rachel Zoe who will aim to talk about things that are “truly extraordinary”. And we get to hear it every week day. Today she enlightened us to “Brian Atwood’s latest imaginative creation” the Brian Atwood Lola Pump, aka the shootie (shoe + boot = shootie).

“I’m doing this because I’ve recently come to understand the importance of social media and I’ve become a little obsessed with it. I get addicted answering the questions that people ask me every day,” Zoe told WWD.

While we’re not a fan of Zoe, we are curious about what her exploration into social media will extend to, so we’ll stay subscribed, for the rest of this week anyway. Check out the debut newsletter below.

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