Milla Jovovich loves her hacking knives for their versatility; set to (finally) wed


While you may not look at model/actress Milla Jovovich and think she’s a dainty flower, especially not after watching in her all the Resident Evil movies, but don’t go thinking you can rob her in the middle of the night because she has a lot of weapons at home.

“It’s not like I sit at home twirling knives, but I’ve always been into handling weapons,” she told The Daily Mail. “As a kid I liked ninja warriors, not dolls. I have some kukris. They are one-handed knives and a bit like machetes, very vicious instruments with a curved blade. They are used for hacking and I love them because they are so versatile. You can really get into the meat of an animal, slice cucumbers and kill zombies – all in one day.”

This could it be the reason she sign on to do the thriller A Perfect Getaway. The movie is based around two pairs of lovers on a Hawaiian vacation who discover that psychopaths are stalking and murdering tourists on the islands and according to Jovovich, she did a lot of the stunts herself.

“I have a vicious cat fight [in A Perfect Getaway] with a girl who is trying to kill me. We have knives and we’re hitting and punching each other on the edge of a cliff , rolling around in the dust. Sexy girls in shorts – it’s a nice, crazy fight scene.”

Well know we know not to mess with Milla Jovovich!

Meanwhile she is finally set to wed her long-time fiance Paul Anderson on August 22 at her house in the Hollywood Hills. Congratulations!

[Image: scene from A Perfect Getaway]

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