Kate Moss scores her 28th British Vogue cover

katemoss-british-vogue-sept09If Kate Moss kept track of how many British Vogue covers she’s had has since her first in 1997, her bed post may resemble a splinter. She has just notched up her 28th cover with the September 2009 issue. Photographed by Mario Testino, the cover is one big British affair with Moss donning a Burberry trench to boot. If you’re wondering, the next models with British Vogue covers in the double digits is Linda Evangelista with 13 and Gisele Bundchen with 12.


  • Tani says:

    Incidentally, with the new August issue of Vogue Italia, Linda Evangelista has scored her 31st cover with VI.

  • Agent of Art says:

    Congrats to Kate!

  • Jamie says:

    I live in the UK and it really does seem like Vogue should just be re-branded as “Kate Moss Monthly” over here. If she’s not on the front, she’s inside. I can understand the coverage when she’s doing something new, but sometimes she’s obviously been put in there as filler. “We need a feature for page 40… we haven’t got one? To the Vault of Moss!”

  • Bende says:

    I agree with Jamie. I hate to be living in the U.K if this is the only person available for the cover of vogue. They are putting her on the cover for the sake of putting her on the cover. It’s starting to look like a joke at the expense of British Vogue being a credential magazine.

    Alexander Schulman should be sacked!

  • rellipa says:

    What the F*** are you drugged-up bitches so excited about? Do they have no models left in the U.K. I have no problems with Kate being on a cover but when they all look the same for the 28th time – it’s a joke! Her contribution to fashion is nil and she knows it. This skag is milking it for all its worth, so much for playing victim.

    Alexandra Schulman has a lot to answer for:
    1. If all you can do is put the same model on every cover then why bother coming to work. To think she is considered for U.S Vogue – hahaha!Anna Wintour she aren’t
    2. Your dress sense screams ‘Mum of a dozen kids’ not ‘Fashion Editor’.
    3. So much for taking a stand against size zero models, yet you support the drug habits of this drugged-out whore. What are you promoting here? The drugged-out, urchin heroine chic has been on our landscape for two decades, yet you continue to promote this in a fashion magazine – HYPROCRITE!
    4. Your life changed when you landed at Vogue, unfortunately you have not changed ours.

    So please stop raving about every F*** cover Kate is on because it’s a F***** waste of space in your drugged-out universe. If you want fashion Buy ITALIAN VOGUE!

    British Vogue – buy if you want to wipe it with your bottom!

  • Branda says:

    To be exact!, Christy Turlington has 20 U.K vogue covers and Jean Shrimpton at least 20 as well.
    Christy’s first cover was in 1986.She had heaps in the 80s. I believe she held this record for most of this decade, until they decided to keep on putting kate on the cover.

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