Introducing the Butt Cam – jeans shopping has taken a new turn


Don’t trust in store mirrors because you live in fear of the “skinny mirror”? Or don’t trust your friends to tell you their honest opinion? Well would you trust a video camera hooked up to a plasma screen television?

Australian denim chain Jeanswest has launched the “Butt Cam” so customers at their Chadstone store can parade around their unisex change rooms and inspect their behinds for unsightly sagging, butt cracks and muffin tops.

“Once you are in front of the camera you are in full view of anyone who is walking by, so I think you have to be quite confident,” Jeanswest chief executive Stephen Younane told the Herald Sun. “The issue we find is the whole thing about fit. There is an emotional connection customers form with their jeans, and they want to make the right purchase.”

According to the accompanying video report on the Herald Sun, Jeanswest promises that footage of you wriggling in front of the mirror will not end up on YouTube and there are plans to roll out the Butt Cam in Jeanswest stores nationally. It is currently available in Jeanswest‘s Chadstone, Rundle Mall and Bondi Junction stores in Australia.

Would you trust the Butt Cam over a mirror, your friends or boyfriend?

[Screen capture from video on Herald Sun]


  • Kelly says:

    Muffin tops is a HUGE problem in the US its insane that you can’t see this in the mirror and totally gross

  • Christina says:

    If you have to look that hard to see if you look good in jeans, then you should be working out to get your butt looking good not prancing in front of a camera/plasma screen.

  • Mia says:

    The jeans those people have on are so unflattering, why are they trying them on in the first place?

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