DKNY supports CITYarts with a Chari-tee and tote bags


DKNY have teamed up with CITYarts to help them ‘build bridges of cultural understanding’ by designing the DKNY Chari-tee and 8 tote bags designed by New York City students especially for CITYarts. Retailing at $65 the DNKY Chari-tee is an interactive experience. The Chari-tee comes with a swing tag with a list of five New York City charities that you can designate your donation to go too – once you’ve picked your charity, log on to to have DKNY send a portion of the proceeds from your Chari-tee. Easy!

If the cute black and white t-shirt isn’t your thing, you can also pick up one of the DKNY CITYarts tote from their Madison Avenue store for $25.

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