Betsey Johnson too old for internet dating and being a silver surfer

betseyjohnson-smallBetsey Johnson further denied that she is about to retire, telling PlumTV that like Bette Davis, she would never quit as long as she had her makeup kit. Though she wouldn’t mind 2 weeks off to find a hot guy, but online dating is not an option. “I’m too old for internet dating,” she claims and was horrified when she was asked whether she would become a silver surfer. “A silver surfer? what do you mean they have a discount senior citizen? oh my god I bet they do?” [PlumTV]


  • Kelly says:

    A silver surfer that is just foul. I know how she feels internet dating is so not cool

  • Melissa Kay says:

    Love love love Betsey! In addition to being an incredibly talented designer, she seems to be a really fun person! I just bought a bronze satchel from her line, and I’m totally in love with it.

  • USA Girl says:

    Well, she could try internet dating. I’m pretty sure there are a lot of cute guys on american dating sites who love dating girls much older than them. Betsey ain’t look that old.

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