Australian designer Alannah Hill issued death threats by PETA


Australian designer Alannah Hill known for her kooky look (which could be explained my her stint at a circus at 15) and her fun girlie designs has told The Daily Telegraph that she had been issued a death threat from someone claiming to be affiliated to PETA, the People for Ethical Treatment of Animals.

According to the newspapers Sydney Confidential column, PETA members protested outside her Melbourne flagship store recently for her use of rabbit fur in her recent designs and a police report has been filed over the alleged death threat.

“Tuesday 4th August, Police were called by iconic Australian Fashion Designer, Alannah Hill to investigate a disturbing and heated death threat …,” the designer’s statement to Confidential read. “It was from the notorious PETA, People for Ethical Treatment of Animals Organisation.”

The emailed threat, provided to Sydney Confidential, by representatives for Hill, states: “Dear Hill, IM(sic) GOING TO KILL YOU SERIOUSLY IF YOU DONT STOP YOUR(sic) DEAD. NO1 WANTS TO BUY YOUR SHIT, Sincerely ssssss ssssss”.

The threat was sent via email from an address listed as

She has since received more than 670 abusive emails in the last few days and has been advised to enlist 24-hour security.

As an Alannah Hill fan, this treatment from PETA is really uncalled for as Hill is also a mother of a young son and harassing her to the point where she needs to hire security is just as not on.

Does no one protest peacefully anymore?



  • Nicole says:

    I do, do the odd bit of graphic design for PETA and do speak publicly about animal rights but death threats are not the way to go. There are extreme activists out there that go to huge extremes.

    When I heard that Alannah Hill was using real animal fur I was applaud and pledged that I would not buy any more items from/by Alannah Hill.

    The methods used in obtaining fur is so very cruel with animals being skinned alive, electrocuted, drowned and loved family pets (dogs and cats) stolen all in the name of fashion.

    If you must wear or use fur buy secondhand or vintage, not brand new.

  • Miami says:

    She is using BUNNIES?!?!?!?!?! that is terrible.

    and noone MUST wear or use fur, we’re not living in caves.

    at least that person is just threatening. she’s actually murdering.

  • Kelly says:

    Oh please and what are you eating today

  • Jocie says:

    Alannah Hill today announced that she will no longer be using rabbit fur in her collections. She admitted she was wrong and has moved on. So should you.

    For the record, that email could have been from any psycho on the internet as they were using an online email form from a peta website. Peta encourages members of the public to speak out against animal cruelty but they can not control what people do and say.

  • Helen Lee says:

    Hi Jocie,

    Thanks for the update – but what do you meant move on? This is an old post and for the record, I don’t even eat meat so I definitely don’t condone killing animals for clothes. Nor do I like to see people threatened like Alannah Hill, or any other person who has been attacked by Peta with paint or have found dead animals on their doorstep.

  • p says:

    the use of any animal for clothing is unforgiving – but this woman would go to any lengths to sell her crappy ill made clothes – she only stopped using rabbits because she feared she may not make as much of a profit – not because she cares about animal cruelty – anyway she looks like cruella devil just older and uglier

  • p says:

    also she doesnt design any of the clothes she has designers and she steals most designs from overseas ……
    totalty boring selfabsorbed, narcist with neither glomour or talent…….
    oh enough of the lipfillers as well and please wear sleeves your bingo wings are offensive

  • Anka says:

    I am seriously against animal cruelty but death threats?? Somehow I don’t see people protesting in front of butcher shops or abattoirs (the slaughter houses are the real eye opener and the cruelty is mind blowing), how is that? I also don’t see people throwing stones at leather shoes, bags and coats stores, or for that matter people who wear them. Is it ok to sell meat but not the rest? The double standards in this society are unbelievable.Every day in Melbourne alone, hundreds of unwanted, abused animals are destroyed, but it is Alannah Hill who gets the threats.Very sad indeed.

  • Georgia says:

    It wasn’t just Alannah receiving death threats, I was told by the girls at her Perth store that her son was being followed.

    I dont care if you don’t like her using fur – I don’t like it either – but it is criminally WRONG for PETA to involve her son. He is eight years old. I used to support PETA but they have lost all my respect after I heard this. Children have NO say in their parents choices and should NOT be held responsible.

    I hope she takes PETA to court, honestly. And I’d be more than happy to represent her… if I didn’t still have 3 years left of my law degree.

    Also, as much as I hate to say it (because I don’t condone the use of fur as fashion) – it is rabbit fur. I LOVE bunnies, but atleast the animal she has chosen atleast breeds like rabbits (mind the pun) and is used for its meat – so none of it goes to waste. (Like leather and beef for example.)
    As long as it’s not endangered and as much as the animal as possible is being used, I can deal with it. (I just don’t buy it/wear it.)

    PETA obviously doesn’t care about childrens rights. Children are just as innocent as an animal.

  • iza says:

    I agree that what Alannah did wrong but honestly death threats thats just beyond crazy and i agree with Georgia the fur was going to go in the bin anyway cause they were going to eat the rabbit so she’s simply was using what they were wasting and honestly PETA i have no respect for you at all what on earth do you think you are doing leaving dead animals on peoples door steps throwing paint at people that you dislike that is just wrong and abbusive so honestly grow up just leave Alannah alone.

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