Do we even need to ask: Valentino or Paris Hilton?


An email in our inbox caught our eye today, the subject line simply said “Valentino or Paris Hilton?” and our first thought was – do we even need to ask?

Ask me any day, any time and Valentino would win hands down.

But what if the shoes are practically identical with their d’Orsay style, peep-toe and bow adorning the vamp – except that the Hilton pumps have similar red soles to a pair of Christian Louboutin’s. While spending $695 on a pair of designer heels may be out of the question for many women, would you go and spend $93 on a pair of shoes baring Paris Hilton’s name?

Which would you chose, the Valentino Patent d’Orsay pumps which retails at $695 or the Paris Hilton Senorita pump which retails at $93?


  • Miami says:

    PH for me. Only because i can’t afford to buy Valentino’s. At least all my Dior gear is real 🙂

  • GRAC3 says:

    ii THiiNK iiM G0NNA HAV3 T0 G0 WiiT TH3 PARiiS HiiLT0N 0N THiiS 0NE…BuT iiF ii HAd TH3 M0N3y Dii0R ALL TH3 WAy!!! 🙂

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