Must read article: Fashion’s Fight Against Fakes: An Exercise in Hypocrisy

Rarely does an article capture my attention enough to have me reading it not twice but thrice, for anyone interested in the real vs fake fashion debate, Alexandra Sinderbrand’s article is a great read.

Here’s a small snippet, read the rest over at the Huffington Post.

Unfortunately for Fashion, the notion that expensive and real is any less criminal than cheap and fake is a massive crock of shit.

Activism might be like-so-hot-right-now. But it wasn’t in vogue last summer, when Turkish leather factory DESA harassed and fired any worker foolish enough to protest “extensive and mandatory overtime” and ask for benefits and minimum wage. DESA management even sanctioned kidnap attempts on the children of its workers. Since this sounds like the same kind of morally questionable crap embraced by the counterfeit industry, it’s logical to assume that DESA-produced leather is used to make fake designer bags… Right?

Wrong. So effing wrong. The main buyer of DESA-manufactured leather isn’t Pvada. It’s the real thing. When Prada learned of these offenses via labor rights activist group Clean Clothes Campaign, the coveted brand elegantly distanced itself and refused to take action in support of the workers’ case.

Read the rest of the article here.

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  • Kelly says:

    Of course any major brand name is going to distance themselves. The workers need to seek their own attorneys and submit harassment claims against DESA if the claims are in fact legit

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