The logo liquidator in court over Chanel logo on Giorgio Armani’s building

chanel-giorgio-liquidA French street artist known as Zevs, thought he was creating art by dissolving iconic logos, but little did he know that by dissolving a Chanel double-C logo on a Giorgio Armani building in Hong Kong could see him in court. The facade had to be replaced for HK$6.7 million (approx USD$860,000) and faces claims that he vandalized their property. Zevs was very “surprised” as he claimed to have used washable ink.

“I try to investigate the logo’s visual power,” he told PingMag last year. “It’s a simple gesture, just as in Aikido when you reverse the power and change the flow of energy.”

While the law suit may not be positive publicity, it coincides with the launch of solo exhibition in the Chinese city, aptly called ‘Liquidated Logos’ at the Art Statements Gallery.