It really is Lily Allen for Chanel bags


Lily Allen has come a long way since her days designing for British high street brand, New Look. She’s now modeling for the likes of Chanel. Yes, Chanel. Karl Lagerfeld has snapped the young pop star clutching at his new line of plush Chanel Coco Cocoon bags, laden with jewels and Chanel accessories.

At first sight, we must say Lily is channeling Lagerfeld’s muse, Amanda Harlech just a little, but then there are the Holly Golightly/Breakfast at Tiffany’s tiaria looks. Could Chanel be trying to inspire little girls to dream about the days when they can dress up in Chanel?

Do you love or hate Lily Allen for Chanel?

[Images from FWD]


  • melbgirl says:

    Go Lily!
    The photos look amazing!

  • Lola says:

    LOVE IT!
    She reminds me of Coco Chanel: she’s a self-made woman, not in the norm, behaving the way she likes!
    …just like COCO in her time!!!!
    Shes cool, young and extremely witty. Great choice.

    ++LOVE the soft lambskin bags, want to touch it! and the cateye SUNGLASSES!

  • Mel Smart says:

    Allen is an animated style vacuum, common and vapid and all wrong for Chanel. Her legs are disgusting and she can’t sing.
    Apart from that, great move.

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