Gisele Bundchen’s baby bump spotted in London Fog – pre airbrush!


The fascination behind Gisele Bundchen’s baby bump grew as the supermodel and husband Tom Brady continued to refuse to confirm the fact. But after and a myriad of other sources confirmed it, it’s no long a rumour in the blogosphere. London Fog basically confirmed it by saying they airbrushed the final advertising images.

“Nobody is sexier or more beautiful than Gisele Bündchen in nothing but a London Fog trench coat, even with her visible baby bump,” Dari Marder, Chief Marketing Officer of London Fog said in a release. “Although Gisele was photographed while pregnant, most of the shots have been retouched to respect her privacy during this wonderful and personal time in her life.”

But it wasn’t airbrushed out of everything – if you check out the behind the scenes photo above, there is a slight baby bump in the pre-airbrushed shots. If reports that she’s due in December are true, then that is a 3 – 4 month old baby bump since the campaign was photographed in earlier this month.

Check out a behind the scenes video below and more images from the advertising campaign.

Gisele Bundchen for London Fog Fall 2009/10

gisele_LondonFog_ad1 gisele_LondonFog_ad2 gisele_LondonFog_ad3

Behind the scenes of the London Fog Fall 2009/10 ad campaign shoot

[Source: PRNewsWire]


  • Robin says:

    If she is due in December there’s no way she is 5 or 6 months pregnant! December is five months away which would make her pregnancy 10 or 11 months long!
    She’s more like 3 or 4 months along, depending on when this was taken. And plenty of women, especially those in amazing shape she’s in, barely show that early.
    A separate issue from the airbrushing, but important to point out!

  • Anonymous says:

    She’s reportedly due on Dec.14 which means she was 4 months along when this was shot in mid-July. She definitely isn’t 6 months along.

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