Preview the making of Chanel No.5 commercial ft Audrey Tautou – videos, the storyboard and more

In less than 24 hours the Chanel No.5 short film featuring Audrey Tautou is set to be unveiled at As a teaser, Chanel have released a short ‘making of’ for our viewing pleasure, just to tickle our curiosity and start the buzz…

The short film has been released. Watch it below the fold now.

Entitled Train de Nuit, the beautiful French actress was directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet in the beautiful short film about the “… tale of chance and fate – a brief encounter between a man and a woman traveling to Istanbul on the Orient Express night train with an intertwining of two destinies that will be brought together by a scent like no other.”

Set to soulful sounds of Billie Holiday singing ‘I’m a Fool to Love You’, we can’t wait to see what Chanel has in store. After the success of their previous actress-director pairings (Nicole Kidman & Baz Lurhman for Chanel No.5 in 2004 and Keira Knightley & Joe Wright for Chanel Coco Mademoselle in 2007) we’re expecting something amazing. Luckily we managed to get our hands on the just-released storyboard sketches…



See the video below to see Audrey talk a little about how she see’s herself as part of the Chanel No.5 legacy in another video preview below.

Are you looking forward to the new Chanel No.5 short film staring Audrey Tatutou?

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