Madonna vs Natalia Vodianova: who wore the Louis Vuitton headpiece best?


One is a superstar and the other is a supermodel, both are sporting the most talked about fashion accessory of the moment – the Louis Vuitton fall 2009 bunny-ear-esque head piece.

She may have posed nude for the June 2009 issue of British Vogue, but Natalia Vodianova kept some clothes on and dons a pink version of the Louis Vuitton headpiece on the cover of Vogue Russia‘s June 2009 cover while Madonna wore her much-talked-about blue head piece on the Costume Institute Gala at the MET last week.

Both women are stunning in their own right but when it boils down to it… who pulled off the Louis Vuitton bunny-ear headpiece best?

P.S. Also, will you be adding your name to any waiting lists for this headpiece?


  • fancy says:

    I don’t like this thing, that means my name wouldn’t appear on the list never ever.
    And there is significant difference between those situations they wear the headpiece. For a photoshoot you can everything and it’s never too much I think, but in the “real world” it’s a no-go. But that’s just my opinion.

  • Isaac Hindin Miller says:


  • Laura says:

    I like it on Madonna better than Natalia, but as Fancy pointed out, it is more acceptable in editorial than in “real” life.

  • Caroline says:

    Neither. What an idiotic piece of fashion

  • BelleOnEarth says:

    I’d go for Natalia Vodianova

  • Icy says:

    Natalia, but I don’t really like either. I think there are much better things to put on your head.

  • Laura B says:

    OMG Natalia is shutting that down! Madonna looks like some old prostitute about to do a the can can

  • Ashley says:

    Madonna: She is so fierce. She got really bad reviews for this outfit shoice- but I think she rocked it.

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