Hermes commissions Aboriginal art for spring summer scarf collection


Parisian fashion house Hermes has looked to Australia for inspiration for its spring summer 2009 scarf collection and found it in Aboriginal artist Gloria Petyarre.

The pretty scarf features a print of her painting ‘Bush Medicine Leaf Dreaming’, one of her most successful styles. The abstract gold and red swirls represent multiple bush leaves which are traditionally collected by women then boiled to extract resin. According to Aboriginal Art News, the resin is then mixed with kangaroo fat to create a healing paste used for skin complaints.

Named ‘Le Reve de Gloria’ the scarf is part of their spring summer scarf collection themed Invitation to Travel and will set you back an affordable AUD$530 (approx USD$413.60) – which affordable when you consider that some of Petyarre’s paintings will set you back as much as AUD$22,000 (approx USD$17,170).

Petyarre’s art was spotted by Pierre Dumas, Hermes Artistic Director at ArtParis in 2006.

[Via AboriginalArtNews and photo from Aaia]


  • Icy says:

    Ohhh, I love Gloria Petyarre’s work; I would buy her paintings if I could afford it. At least I would be able to wear it if I bought the scarf. Maybe secondhand in a few years?

  • Alex says:

    I am also fan of Gloria Petyarre paintings and it’s looking too beautiful. Painting on leaves and wood carving is really looking nice in Aboriginal art.

  • Aboriginal Art says:

    It’s true, Aboriginal art related to history, nature and aboriginal artist of Australia express their traditions, and culture through their beautiful paintings for hundreds of years. Most of aboriginal artist of Australia was done on rocks, caves and on human bodies.

    John –

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