Gemma Ward no-show DJ but could be in a zombie movie?

gemmaward-swingShe was set to make a rare public appearance at Embrace the Blue charity event on Thursday night, but Gemma Ward did not show up to take her spot behind the decks.

No one quite knows why, but there in other Gemma news (we love Gemma news)… newspaper reports in Australia say that she is the directors choice in a ‘zombie rockumentary’ penned by Jimmy Jack, who penned Gemma’s big screen debut, The Black Balloon.

She joins the likes of Home Alone star Macaulay Culkin on the writer’s wish list in, Zombie: Sex, Brains and Rock n’ Roll a mockumentary about a rock band made up of zombies who struggle to control the urge to eat their groupies.

Jack wants Gemma to star as the Tambourine Girl, the love interest for the zombie front-man.

“The love story is kind of interesting, he’ll be all kind of romantic, saying things like she’s making him feel alive again,” he says.

With the Sydney Morning Herald reporting that Jack was due to fly to New York to talk to Culkin, could Gemma have missed her DJ gig to meet with him too?

One can only speculate…

Listen to a snippet of the script here.


  • Benjamin says:

    Is that a solid lead on the movie role? Would love it to come to fruition 🙂

  • Norma says:

    I hope she makes the most of spending time near her family and friends in Perth and has a blast in the zombie shoot. It sounds like it will be a lot of fun. After such a tough year and a half for Gemma, we are all waiting to see the happy free spirited girl with a heart of gold that we all fell in love with. I really wish her all the best.

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