Chanel Fiole concept car – get yourself a set of these wheels


Forget the designer bicycles, who needs 2 designer wheels when you could one day get four? Jinyoung Jo, a car designer in South Korea created a Chanel concept car and called it Fiole (French for vial).

Like all things luxurious and fashionable, the Chanel Fiole is not made for function and practicality; instead it is style and prestige that are the main features in this car with a crystal encrusted double-C logo at the front and on the rims of the wheels.

Sure this car almost looks like Batman’s Batmobile but with the stylish Chanel branding, we’re sure this car would have a waiting list a mile long if a car manufacturer did agree to produce it. We do hope Karl Lagerfeld takes note and maybe gets one made for a Chanel fashion show.

Check out more photos in our photo gallery below and check out Jo’s video to get an idea of the look and feel of the Fiole in motion.

The video: The Chanel Fiole concept car

The photos: The Chanel Fiole concept car


  • Used Trucks says:

    I really don’t like the design of this car.This car looks a like a kids toys car.I think is needs to improve…….

  • Matthew Johnson says:

    I think its a great concept car,it has functionality, its small, stylish with a host of great designs, and will surely bring an eye to the brand from the youth.I really like the front lower facia and rims.Sweet looking ride.I can’t wait to test drive it!

  • margaret apodaca says:

    I don’t care what anybodys says this car is awesome and I am in love with it is so Sheek styles and down right BAD ASS don’t care what anybody says

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