The bloggers and tweeters of Rosemount Australian Fashion Week 2009

Pictured above, top row: Marian Simms from KAREN, Patty Huntington aka FrockWriter,
Melanie Hicks from The Vine, Matt Jordan aka Imelda, Jade Warne from Marie Claire;
from bottom left, Hannah McArdle aka Aych, Isaac Hindin Miller aka IsaacLikes and
me, your “sassy bella”

This post is long overdue and I just need to say a few things before Rosemount Australian Fashion Week is just a figment in the imagination – after all RAFW ended 2 weeks ago in what seemed like a whirlwind of fashion, blogging and Twittering.

Well that’s how it seemed for me. I started off the week with grand plans to blog full time on as their roaming reporter for the week, blog part time here and tweet from my front row seat (sometimes assigned, sometimes “borrowed”) for and ChicReportOz.

But even the best laid plans do fall apart.

I met so many amazing people I can not even begin to name here – but I would like to say a special thank you to Graeme at IMG and FrockWriter’s Patty for the experience. Without them I wouldn’t have had such an amazing week full of fashion, laughter and front row experiences.

The most interesting part of RAFW?

Meeting the other bloggers and tweeters who were all diligently sitting in their seats with notepads, cameras and smart phones in hand (which reminds me, I must get a smart phone after I sadly returned the Google HTC dream, loaned to me by Optus). We seemed to cause an interesting stir among some of the old media gang, but what can I say? Bloggers are making waves, so enjoy the ride or jump off.

To celebrate the end of RAFW, we all jumped on the runway after the Fernando Frissoni show and took a group photo which just landed in my inbox and I just had to share with you all.

Smiles and cheers to a fabulous fashion week – New York Fashion Week in September here we (want to) come!