According to the rumour mill: Kate Moss to launch a cookbook and Anne Hathaway for Marc Jacobs?


The British do one thing really well, run tabloids that always have amusing stories. The latest to come out of the Mirror and the Daily Mail is that Kate Moss is set to release a cookbook and Anne Hathaway could be the next face of Marc Jacobs.

So, let’s just state the obvious, Kate Moss is a supermodel, and supermodels don’t cook let alone eat do they? Sure Kate is no longer a skinny runway model, the 34-year-old mother still has to stay slim for advertising campaigns and publicity events. But according to the Mirror she was so inspired by Stasha Palos, step-daughter of Topshop’s Sir Philip Green, that she’s been cooking up Jewish meals for her boyfriend Jamie Hince.

“Kate recently cooked Jamie a slap-up Jewish meal following kosher techniques from Stasha. It’s all she’s been taking about. She is buzzing about the idea of being the first supermodel to release a cookbook.”

Watch out Gwyneth, you may have competition on your hands (but I’ll still read Goop).

Now on to Anne Hathaway modelling for Marc Jacobs next advertising campaign… it’s a pairing which doesn’t make much sense to me, sure MJ signed up Victoria Beckham for the Spring 2008 campaign, but Anne will always seem a little Princess Diaries/Disney to me. Even after her roles in Brokeback Mountain, Rachel Getting Married and of course The Devil Wears Prada.

But according to the Daily Mail, “Marc and Anne have forged a fast but very intense friendship and they’re going to start doing public appearances together soon,” a friend says.

“Anne hasn’t signed up to do any advertising yet but, by dressing her, Marc can infuse his line with a fresh but famous face and Anne can revamp her image. If it works well, Anne would be happy to model for some of Marc’s campaigns.”

The actress has been spotted on the red carpet in Marc Jacobs’ designs a few times during her Bride Wars promotional tour, and she did cozy up with Marc at his after fashion show after party last September. But this all could be a happy coincidence as we all know that Rachel Zoe did style most of her and co-star Kate Hudson’s red carpet looks.

Well if it happens, it should be interesting to see what Jacobs and Juergen Teller do with Hathaway. If not, we’ll chalk that up as just another rumour from the British.

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  • michelle says:

    there is nothing ‘fashion’ about anne hathaway, so it could work in an ironic sense

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