Best of Rosemount Australian Fashion Week so far: The TwitPics

Much has been said about the Twitter influence at Rosemount Australian Fashion Week this week. As the first major fashion week to go through the 140-character comment-fest, I think it’s a refreshing change to the fashion week landscape.

Who wants to send around text messages to some people who may be at a show or hover around forums in hope that some news from a show filters out sooner rather than later? Now you can type in the fashion week abbreviation (i.e. RAFW) into Twitter search and with a click of your mouse, anyone who’s use the abbreviation in their tweets will pop up and you’ll know what’s going on site.

I’m sure my fellow blogger/tweeter’s are quite a sight for other show attendee’s as we juggle typing into smart phones like the Google HTC Dream (me – supplied by Optus) and Blackberries (or their Apple laptops) while watching and even photographing shows and taking notes.

Multi-tasking is in, a whole posse of editors, writers, photographers and seat warmers are over.

Check out 9 of my TwitPics from the last 4 days at Rosemount Australian Fashion Week – last day on Friday, which sadly it means back to the un-fashionable full time job for me on Monday.

bestoftwit-1 bestoftwit-2 bestoftwit-3
bestoftwit-4 bestoftwit-5 bestoftwit-6
bestoftwit-7 bestoftwit-8 bestoftwit-9

Click on one to find out more.

And… we didn’t hold back on sharing the gossip about each other. Random comments (which could be taken entirely out of context) were tweeted and commented on left right and centre in the media room.

I even managed to capture the boys from and singing a duet in their downtime.