Confirmed: Heidi Klum is Pregnant! Plus: Project Runway 7 Already In The Works

heidi Minutes ago here in NYC, earth-shattering news broke. And at a Seal concert no less. The stunning announcement? Heidi Klum is preggers.

Again. Proud daddy-to-be Seal officially broke the news during his show at Radio City Music Hall, though pregnancy rumors have been rampant ever since sketches revealing a maternity-friendly couture gown for Klum leaked (then vanished) recently. But now Seal has formally let the cat out of the bag, so congrats to he & Heidi!

Oh, and in case you lost track, this is Baby #3 for the couple (their sons are Henry Günther Ademola Dashtu Samuel, 3, and Johan Riley Fyodor Taiwo Samuel, 2) and Heidi’s fourth child overall (she has a daughter from a previous relationship named Helene “Leni” Klum).

Speaking of things that spawn from Heidi Klum, word is that Project Runway is returning to NYC for its seventh season.

Auditions will be held in Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York City and Seattle. The deadline to submit applications is April 24th, so “make it work”. And quickly!

The sixth season hasn’t even aired yet, but Lifetime will broadcast the series this summer. Though the past season or so of the show has bored me to tears (minus Kenley’s epic plagiarism scandal), I’m kind of eager to see how the network switch influences the editing decisions and overall tone of the show. Because you know it will. Bravo’s and Lifetime’s demographics are as different as night and day — though Bravo’s core audience totally watches Lifetime for its kitsch value alone. Fact. On that note, moving to Lifetime may be a brilliant development for a series that needs to get back in touch with its inner camp.

Can’t wait to see this goes…


  • KatLuvsShoes says:

    So excited! Lifetime already has me satisfied with all the Nora Roberts everything, but now I can get my Runway fix there too! Can’t wait. Oh and congrats to Heidi as well.

  • AusAnna says:

    awww good for her. I love Heidi. SO amazing

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