Jetsons, Bananas, Polka Dots, oh my! Our Grammy Campfest.

Aside from the absolutely insane/horrifying Rihanna & Chris Brown scandal, let’s face it: the 51st annual Grammy awards ceremony was kind of a snooze. Luckily, where the performances, presenters, and overall sense of occasion lagged, adventurous pop stars kept things, well, interesting to say the least.

We count down 3 of our favorite fabulously ridiculous looks.

1. M.I.A: Dotty In Henry Holland
With Gwen Stefani in stealth mode these days, the Grammy red carpet has lost one of its campiest luminaries. Luckily, the extremely pregnant M.I.A. seems only too eager to fill that void. Last night — literally defying her due date! — she made a memorable scene in a polka-dotted Spring 2009 Henry Holland number — a look some bloggers apparently called “skanky”, which amused Holland.

2. Katy Perry Went “Bananas” For Carmen Miranda
Is it any surprise that Katy Perry went “fruity” during her umpteenth performance of “I Kissed A Girl”? Not one to eschew puns, she arrived onstage inside a banana. From there, Perry took the “fruit stand” motif into overdrive, adorning her pert frame in — you guessed it — even more bananas, as well as grapes, strawberries, and any other fruit with vaguely kinky connotations. And, for the hell of it: watermelons. First Bettie Page, now Carmen Miranda: which 50s pin-up cutie will Katy take style cues from next?

3. Estelle Channeled Judy Jetson
3. Like Beyonce and Rihanna, Estelle is a strong independent woman who uses edgy designers to bolster her already commanding presence into sci-fi territory. This time, she channels Judy Jetson. But who made the dress? Not Gareth Pugh! Not Thierry Mugler! This time the culprit is…Bernard Chandran. Oh, and Halston who proffered the peep-toe space boots (which we kind of dig).

Which stars caught YOUR eye that night?