Show me the money, watch out for new House of Style, Absolutely Fabulous and another Sex and the City movie


The last few weeks has seen rumours and announcements of old TV shows being revived for another run.

  • It seem that summer 2010 will be when we should all be ready to be “Carried away” again with news that the Sex and the City movie could be green lighted for a sequel. While I don’t know what else the characters could go through (menopause for Samantha Jones and babies for Carrie Btawshaw perhaps?), creator and screenwriter Michael Patrick King has been working on a script which he says will be more “comedic and shorter than the first.” (Thank goodness) [via Hollywood Insider]
  • Meanwhile House of Style, a MTV fashion show in the 1990s is set to be revived. The show focused mainly on the lives of models and went behind the scenes of the fashion industry to show viewers what made it tick. It made Cinday Crawford a household name and ran from 1989 to 2000 with Amber Valletta, Shalom Harlow, Rebecca Romijn, and Molly Sims also doing stints as hosts. Names of potential hosts of the new series include Leonardo DiCaprio’s squeeze, Bar Rafaeli or Chanel Iman. [Page Six]

  • If you’re a fan of wildly funny British television comedy, Absolutely Fabulous, be ready for it to turn American. It seems that the Fox network has picked up the pilot for the 1990s hit show featuring a former fashion model turned fashion editor and perennial drunk, Patsy, and wanna-be PR person Edina who jumps on the bandwagon of any trend going around. Jennifer Saunders penned the original British series and co-starred as Edina will be on board as executive producer. [Reuters]If you’re not familiar with the show, watch the first episode of season 2 here (part 1part 2). Entitled Hospital, Patsy is called 47 years-old by Hello magazine and decided to go into damage control by getting a chemical peel and eyelid rejuvenation.