Natalie Portman and Michelle Williams for Greed, the perfume


Last month Dazed Digital gave us a teaser to Francesco Vezzoli’s project Greed, an ad campaign for a made up perfume.

A pessimistic take on luxury fragrance commercials, Vezzoli managed to get movie stars Natalie Portman and Michelle Williams to star in his Greed the Roman Polanski directed perfume ad campaign.

It premiered in Rome yesterday but you can watch it over at Dazed Digital now. As expected, the pair do battle over a bottle of Greed after Williams sniffs at Portman’s neck and try to grab the fragrance bottle out of each others grasp. Of course they tackle each other to the ground for the bottle of Greed, but neither one gets it.

What do you think of the “commercial”?

While you can see the idea behind the clip, I don’t think it really questions luxury fragrance commercials and how much they play on people’s aspirations/greed or act as a quality spoof (as the other extreme). Aside from that, don’t the pair look gorgeous?

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  • Opele says:

    I’m missing any great meaning to the clip, but the two do look fantastic together. I love the sisterly yet (in fleeting moments) vaguely erotic interaction between the two. They would make a compelling pair in a full-length film.

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