Miranda Kerr to get a V Australia plane named after her?


Sir Richard Branson’s Virgin America planes may be the plane of choice for the Victoria’s Secret Angels, but one “Angel” may soon find her name used on one of the seven aircraft that make up the V (for Virgin) Australia fleet.

According to reports, Miranda Kerr, a Victoria’s Secret Angel & brand ambassador for Australian department store David Jones, is in Branson’s sights as he arrives in Australia for the inaugural V Australia flight from Sydney to Los Angeles as a potential namesake for one of his planes.

“The first VAustralia aircraft is the Didgeree Blue,” the spokesman said told The Daily Telegraph. “The aircraft are usually female in persona and will likely be named after inspiring contemporary women, who match the brand personality for V Australia.”

There was no comment on how the young model from Gunnedah in country New South Wales, Australia is inspiring to contemporary women though.

Don’t get me wrong, Miranda seems to have a good head on her shoulders and has carved out a successful career, but this seems more like a free publicity grab on her growing popularity in Australia on V Australia’s part.

[Update Feb 27th]

Miranda has reportedly had a V Australia plane named after her, but she will not be the face of the V Australia. Just to make the point clear, she was conveniently photographed near the check-in gates of rival airline, Qantas, as she left the country.

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