Who’s FASHIONABLY on Twitter – a comprehensive list of the fashion designers, beauty brands, models, celebrities and bloggers!


“Shopping! Shhhhhh” says Rachel Bilson

“Get your DVF OBAMA LOVE TOTE on DVF.com” says Inside DVF (Diane von Furstenberg)

“Thanks to Mary Kate and the recession I got 2 pairs of shoes at Prada instead of 1 yay” says Christian Sirano

Who needs to read celebrity weeklies to hear about what celebrities and designers are saying? Get it straight from their phones or computers via Twitter.

Yes, the little micro blogging site has grown so much that even the likes of Rachel Bilson, Louis Vuitton, Stella MacCartney, Diane von Furstenberg, Christian Sirano, Mischa Barton, Shu Uemura, Tina Fey, Lacoste, BlueFly and Sephora have jumped on board the bandwagon and started talking directly to their fans.

Don’t wait for your boyfriend to ask you sign up for a Twitter (Siriano’s reason for signing up to Twitter), get your own Twitter by signing up for one, then start giving the world 140 character updates. Grow your Twitter by “following” other people’s updates, gives them replies or comments by hitting the little arrow next to the person’s post.

Not sure who to follow? Well we’ve made it a little easier for you by compiling a list of celebrities, fashion designers, models, fashion & beauty brands and bloggers who “tweet”.

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Is there a particular fashionable person who isn’t tweeting that you would like to see on Twitter?


Please note that we can not personally confirm that all these Twitter accounts are real or not, especially the celebrity and model accounts. But we’re working on it!

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[Last updated: 9 November, 2010]


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