Spring 2009 the season of the shoe for Gucci and Chanel?


For seasons now we’ve been told to “update our look with some fabulous accessories” so it should come as no surprise that even the big fashion houses are preaching that mantra as times get tough. After all, handbags, shoes and other accessories account for most of a fashion houses sales.

So when Chanel and Gucci both launched their Spring 2009 advertising campaigns with shoe teasers, it was a very big sign that they were clearly pushing what sells (besides their must-have bags) instead of a dress or a look that encapsulates the ideals of the season.

While each brand went down different paths, the message was clear.

Gucci’s Spring 2009 campaign was photographed by Inez & Vinoodh and it seems like they’re pushing their sky high sandal with three buckled ankle straps. While Chanel’s Spring 2009 campaign, photographed by Karl Lagerfeld opted for girlish style with a bow adorned bootie, peeking out from a billowing white dress.

Although Chanel never reveals its revenue, being a privately owned company and all, times must be tough at the French fashion house after news that 200 staffers would be made redundant and the Spring 2009 campaign took place at Lagerfeld’s new Vermont home.

Would you buy designer shoes instead of a designer dress of handbag this season?

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  • Belle Epoque says:

    As Lagerfeld said the time for bling is over. It think that we all need to take a cue from him and learn that excess is over, and be more fiscally responsible. Therefore, I wouldn’t buy either designer shoes or purses, as we all know, they can be excessively expensive as well. I’d love to see some of the fashion houses make secondary more affordable lines to coincide with the times.

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